Tanager Management

1221 28th AVE.
Greeley, CO 80634
(970) 392-1658
2 Bed Room
3 Bed Room
4 Bed Room
5 Bed Room
6 Bed Room
7 Bed Room
8 Bed Room
9 Bed Room
10 Bed Room
Summer Leases
1 Bed Room

Applications are processed in the order they are first received and will be given priority for approval.
Please try to have as many roommates as possible for the appointment to see the house or apartment to minimize the inconvenience to our present tenents. Lease can be signed with a minimum of one or two signatures with a minimum of 50% of the deposit paid. The remaining roommates must sign within one week. If they fail to sign within this time period or call to make an appointment to sign at an agreeable time, the owner may require those who have already signed to find new roommates. Faxed signatures are acceptable.
Payment arrangements may be made for up to 50% of the deposit. Full deposit must be paid within two months of signing the lease or before move in which ever comes first. 
Application Process
(Application Process)
Sample Lease
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